What Is The Task Of The Stomach?

The stomach is the place where the foods swallowed by mouth are grinded and made ready for digestion. After the foods that are ready for absorption are sent to the small intestine, the digestion event begins.

What Are The Diseases That Affect Our Stomach?

Reflux disease is the leading disease affecting our stomach. There has been a serious increase in the number of this disease in recent years. Gastritis is another common disease. We can gladly say that after the successful treatment of helicobacter, which causes stomach cancer and stomach ulcers, these diseases have gradually decreased.

What is Helicobacter?

Helicobacter is a bacterium that is usually transmitted by mouth from vegetables and fruits. It is more common in underdeveloped areas where hygiene is not well maintained. Bacteria cause inflammation by settling in the gastric mucosa. As a result, ulcers, stomach cancer and gastritis occur. Helicobacter treatment is easily done with the help of antibiotics and stomach protection.

Which Methods Are Used in the Treatment of Stomach Diseases?

Before treating stomach diseases, it is important to get a good diagnosis. Unfortunately, we can no longer diagnose gastric disease by manual examination. The healthiest method here is endoscopy. In this way, we can clearly see the discomfort of the patient with stomach complaints and easily apply the most accurate treatment method. If the patient has reflux, we recommend that he make some lifestyle changes in addition to medication. For example, he needs to raise his pillow before going to bed at night and stop eating and drinking 3-4 hours before sleep. In ulcer, it is necessary to determine the factors that cause it. Disease; Usually helicobacteria can be formed as a result of extreme acute stress or pain medication. If the patient takes pain medication on an empty stomach, the ulcer-causing effect is extremely high. It can also cause stomach bleeding. If bacteria are present, we give both stomach protection and two or three antibiotics. If it is a problem caused by stress, we recommend the patient to get psychological support together with stomach protector. Gastritis is divided into two as acute and chronic. Acute gastritis usually occurs with colds, painkillers, alcohol, and certain foods. We treat acute gastritis with gastric protection and antacid medication. In chronic gastritis, we are investigating the use of helicobacteria and painkillers. Then, we help our patients regain their health with the right treatment methods. We especially want our patients suffering from chronic gastritis to pay attention to what they eat and drink. We recommend that they stay away from foods and drinks that will irritate the stomach, such as peppers, pickles, spices and fries, acidic drinks, excessive tea and coffee, alcohol and smoking.

How Does Stress Affect the Stomach?

The stress that occurs in situations such as the loss of a relative, a traffic accident, a sudden quarrel, a fight, a sudden bad news, and sudden sadness may cause an excessive increase in the acid rate in the stomach and ulcer formation. There is even a risk of stomach bleeding due to this.

What Are the Effects of Unconscious Drug Use on the Stomach?

Painkillers used unconsciously without consulting a doctor may cause serious discomfort in the stomach. For this reason, we advise our patients not to use non-prescription painkillers. If absolutely necessary, we recommend that they take them on a full stomach and with a stomach protector.

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