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Gastric balloon is not a procedure that removes morbid obesity or an alternative to obesity surgery. The gastric balloon is not a method of stomach reduction surgery, so no surgery is performed in this application. The gastric balloon method is only used for weight loss before surgery in overweight super obese patients who are prepared for morbid obesity surgery . In addition, it can be applied as an auxiliary method, albeit very rarely, in patients who are slightly overweight and not accepted for surgery. In this method; Through endoscopy , a fist-sized balloon filled with water is placed inside the stomach of the patient, thus restricting food intake.

Does the Stomach Balloon Work?

With the gastric balloon method, patients can lose a limited amount of weight and the balloon must be removed after a maximum of 1 year. In addition, due to reasons such as abdominal tension, pain, vomiting, a significant number of patients want the balloon to be removed ahead of time.

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