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Op. Dr. Akın Kocaoluk


You can reach the working hours of Akın Kocaoluk at the Turkish Red Crescent Altıntepe Medical Center.

Stomach Botox

Botulinum toxin (botox) administration to the stomach is a relatively new weight loss method based on endoscopic injection of Botulinum toxin into certain parts of the stomach.

Stomach Balloon

The simplest method to help lose weight is gastric balloon application. In this method, a balloon filled with fluid or air in the stomach with the help of an endoscope is placed under mild anesthesia.

Safra Kesesi Taşı

Located just below the liver in the abdominal region, the gallbladder is a small pear-shaped organ. Stones can occur for various reasons in the gallbladder that stores bile produced by the liver.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

The most common obesity surgery procedure today is sleeve gastrectomy and it is commonly known as “stomach reduction surgery”.

Working Hours

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Türk Kızılayı Altıntepe Tıp MerkeziAltıntepe, Cihadiye Cd. No:40,34840 Maltepe/İstanbul


0(850) 474 15 19



    Op. Dr. Akın Kocaoluk

    Op. Dr. Akin Kocaoluk | Resume

    He graduated from 19 Mayıs University Faculty of Medicine in 1998. He is currently continuing his active career in Turkish Red Crescent Altıntepe Medical Center.


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